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Modelling children’s mobility and school commuting

This research looks at determinants of school commuting and active/independent mobility of children, identifying guidelines and key challenges to address in future research.

Thu 22nd Dec 2016

A framework to evaluate the travel-time impacts of reallocating road space to bicycle facilities

This paper demonstrate how the Network Robustness Index (NRI) can be used to identify the bicycle facility design that limits traffic disruption for any road link in an urban network.

Wed 21st Dec 2016

Evaluating Return: A Benefit-Cost Calculator for Active Transportation Projects

The tool presented in this paper is designed to meet the need for an effective technique for assessing the costs and benefits of active transport projects.

Thu 15th Dec 2016

Which environmental factors most strongly influence a street’s appeal for bicycle transport?

This study aims to determine which micro-environmental factors should get the priority to target in physical environmental interventions increasing bicycle transport.

Thu 8th Dec 2016

Transportation of children with bicycle seats, trailers, and other carriers

The purpose of this study is to obtain a better understanding of the safety implications of transporting children by bicycle.

Thu 8th Dec 2016

Safer Cycling Through Improved Infrastructure

This paper looks at the potential improvements in cycling safety through the provision of improved infrastructure.

Thu 8th Dec 2016

The cost-effectiveness of bike lanes in New York City

This study considers the reduced risk of injury and increased probability of ridership, costs associated with bike lane implementation and maintenance, and effectiveness due to physical activity and reduced pollution.

Wed 7th Dec 2016

Bicycle helmet laws and persistent racial and ethnic helmet use disparities among urban students

The objective of this study is to assess changes in racial/ethnic disparities in helmet use among high school students in urban jurisdictions where laws were previously determined to increase overall helmet use.

Wed 7th Dec 2016

Emerging bicycle tourism and the theory of planned behavior

In this study, we investigated the process of travelers’ decision formation for bicycle touring as a form of sustainable tourism activity.

Tue 6th Dec 2016

Cyclists’ exposure to air pollution and road traffic noise in central city neighbourhoods of Montrea

The objective of this research is to evaluate cyclists' exposure to air pollution and noise in central city neighbourhoods of Montreal and to identify the impact of exposure to local factors such as weather conditions, the day and time, the type of road, bicycle path or lane used.

Thu 1st Dec 2016