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Bicycling injuries and mortality in Victoria, 2001–2006

This academic study finds that the incidence of serious bicycling injury has risen over recent years, highlighting the need for targeted prevention programs. Accurate data on cycling participation, use of injury prevention strategies, and injury profiles would assist in reducing bicycle-related injury.

Fri 24th Sep 2010

International Scan Summary Report on Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility

In May 2009, a team of 12 transportation professionals with expertise in bicycling and walking from the United States visited five countries in Europe to identify and assess effective approaches to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and mobility. This summary report provides an overview of the team’s findings and recommendations.

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Collisions involving pedal cyclists on Britain’s roads: establishing the causes

In 2009 the UK Transport Research Laboratory published a report investigating the key causal factors relating to accidents involving cyclists.

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Road Safety in Australia: A Publication Commemorating World Health Day 2004

The report provides an easy to read introduction to road safety issues in Australia with a summary of Australian cycling safety in Chapter 23 (and Pedestrians in Chapter 24).

Fri 24th Sep 2010

‘€˜I want to ride my bike’€™: overcoming barriers to cycling to intermediate schools

The objective of this research was to identify the barriers to students cycling to school for six intermediate schools and recommend specific interventions for the schools, along with more general, national level recommendations.

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Developing School-based Cycle Trains in New Zealand

A cycle train is similar in approach to the ‘walking school bus’ – adult volunteer ‘conductors’ cycle along a set route to school, collecting children from designated ‘train stops’. This research report evaluates a trial of school based cycle trains in New Zealand. 

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Tempting Teenagers to Cycle

The study collected opinions about cycling to school from Year 8, 9 and 10 students in North Shore City. Students answered an online questionnaire which asked them about bike ownership and use, modes of travel to school, safety issues, facility issues and peer issues.

Fri 24th Sep 2010

Transport Problems Facing Large Cities

This paper begins with a discussion of transport problems facing large cities and their applicability to Sydney. International best practice in urban transport policy from cities around the world is then identified, firstly from a public transport viewpoint, and then reducing urban road congestion.

Thu 23rd Sep 2010

The Cost Benefit Analysis of Cycling

The purpose of the report was to share and discuss the Nordic experiences concerning Cost-Benefit-Analysis in the area of cycling infrastructure in order to reach a common understanding and platform for further work. 

Thu 23rd Sep 2010

Cost–benefit analyses of walking and cycling track networks (Norway)

This 2004 study presents cost–benefit analyses of walking and cycling track networks in three Norwegian cities. The cost–benefit analyses take into account the benefit of reduced insecurity and the health benefits of the improved fitness the use of non-motorized transport provides.

Thu 23rd Sep 2010