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Cycling in Melbourne: Bicycle ownership, use and demographics 1997 – 1999

This report, published by VicRoads in 2004, outlines a number of key statistics on bicycle ownership and use in Melbourne from 1997-1999.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Cycling to work in Melbourne 1976-2001

In 2004 VicRoads published a comprehensive report on work related cycle trips in Victoria based on the census data from 1976 to 2001.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Cycling to Work in Sydney

This research, published by the Sydney South West Area Health Service in 2008, examined changes in levels of cycling in Sydney between the 2001 and 2006 Census.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Cycling in New South Wales: What the data tells us (2008)

The report was prepared to inform the development of a new NSW BikePlan. It examined: the available data on cycling in NSW; who is cycling in NSW (and where); how cycling outcomes in NSW and Sydney perform against comparable locations; the potential for increasing cycling in NSW; and the data needed to grow cycling in NSW and track outcomes achieved.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Sydney Cycling Survey 2012, Methods and Findings V1.1 - Reports

This report presents the methods and findings from the 2012 Sydney Cycling Survey.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Victorian Transport Statistics Porta

The Victorian Transport Statistics Portal (VTSP) provides access to data that will be of interest to anyone who wants to better understand transport trends in Victoria.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

The National Bicycling and Walking Study: 15–Year Status Report

This report was published by the US Department of Transport and Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Centre in May 2010. It is the third status update to the National Bicycling and Walking Study, originally published in 1994 as an assessment of bicycling and walking as transportation modes in the United States. 

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Evaluating Transportation Land Use Impacts

This report examines ways that transportation decisions affect land use patterns, and the resulting economic, social and environmental impacts. These include direct impacts on land used for transportation facilities, and indirect impacts caused by changes to land use development patterns.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Oil Vulnerability in the Australian City

This 2005 acadmic paper documents the precarious position, particularly of outer suburban communities to future rises in the price of petrol. It provides a strong case for improvements to land use and transport planning that increase mode choice for the less dominant transport forms of walking, cycling and public transport.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Balancing the needs of cyclists and motorists

This report highlights common points of conflict between the needs of cyclists and motorists. It provides recommendations on road designs to minimise these points of conflict by offering a balance between the needs of both road users.

Tue 21st Sep 2010