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Analyzing the Impact of Median Treatments on Pedestrian/Bicyclist Safety

This paper seeks to quantify their impact of various median treatments on pedestrian/bicyclist safety at mid-block crossings.

Thu 15th Jun 2017

Safer cycling through improved infrastructure

This article outlines how cycling numbers and safety is improved by improved infrastructure.

Wed 14th Jun 2017

Safety of raised platforms on urban roads (p20-27)

Using available speed and crash data from across Australia, this paper applied Poisson regression analysis in a retrospective quasi-experimental study to determine the effect of raised platforms on crash occurrence and severity.

Fri 2nd Jun 2017

Bicycle Safety at Roundabouts

This report investigates how the geometric design components of a roundabout may contribute to bicycle crashes.

Mon 1st May 2017

Design of the Nepean River Bridge

This paper provides information on the design and construction of a dual use pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the Nepean River near Penrith, NSW. The approved concept design at tender consisted of a 175m clear span steel truss with reverse curvature in plan, with prestressed precast concrete beam approach spans on the western side and a large cantilevered concrete abutment to support the eastern end of the steel truss.

Mon 1st May 2017

CityLink Tulla Widening - Bell Street Bridge Interchange Upgrade

This paper presents the design and construction challenges of a bridge that provides support for a single lane of traffic and a shared user path to improve walking and cycling access to the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail.

Mon 1st May 2017

Tanderrum Pedestrian Bridge

This paper discusses the concept design and the selection of the box girder profile, the challenges with construction stage deflections, design of the supporting steel corbel and footfall dynamics, and how the box girder design integrated the architectural and construction requirements into a final design.

Mon 1st May 2017

The Velobridge

This paper explores a range of issues relating to "velobridges" (bridges that are designed principally for cyclists). These issues include external clearances, the user envelope, loads and limit state criteria, deflections and dynamic behaviour, access and mobility, security screening, railings, kerbs and balustrades.

Fri 28th Apr 2017

Development of Recommended Guidelines for Preservation Treatments for Bicycle Routes

This project considered pavement roughness and distresses in addition to macrotexture, and included measurements on urban preservation treatments and city streets as well as on treatments on state highways and county roads.

Thu 13th Apr 2017

Bicycle Headway Modeling and Its Applications

This paper puts forward a novel composite headway model for bicycle flows.

Wed 5th Apr 2017