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Growing from incipient to potentially large cycle networks

This paper proposes a practice-ready method to be implemented for screening the existing road network to potentially rearrange the existing carriageway and accommodate a cycling network in urban areas with such characteristics.

Thu 19th Jan 2017

The Effect of Sharrows, Painted Bicycle Lanes and Physically Protected Paths on Safety

This study looked at the Effect of Sharrows, Painted Bicycle Lanes and Physically Protected Paths on the Severity of Bicycle Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicles.

Thu 19th Jan 2017

Infrastructure development : bicycle-based Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD)

This presentation illustrates that the positive effects of bicycle-based Transit-Oriented Development on the viability of a public transport service, through decreased feeder service reliance, could far outweigh the costs of the cycling infrastructure.

Fri 6th Jan 2017

Lessons from the Development of a Guidebook on Pedestrian and Bicycle Connections to Transit

This presentation provides a wealth of case studies for how to improve pedestrian and bicycle connections to transit.

Wed 4th Jan 2017

A framework to evaluate the travel-time impacts of reallocating road space to bicycle facilities

This paper demonstrate how the Network Robustness Index (NRI) can be used to identify the bicycle facility design that limits traffic disruption for any road link in an urban network.

Wed 21st Dec 2016

Risks Arising from Introducing Bicycle Traffic onto Designated Bus Lanes

The article presents an analysis of the potential impact of the introduction of cycling onto designated bus lanes.

Thu 15th Dec 2016

Which environmental factors most strongly influence a street’s appeal for bicycle transport?

This study aims to determine which micro-environmental factors should get the priority to target in physical environmental interventions increasing bicycle transport.

Thu 8th Dec 2016

Safer Cycling Through Improved Infrastructure

This paper looks at the potential improvements in cycling safety through the provision of improved infrastructure.

Thu 8th Dec 2016

Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Connectivity During Rehabilitation of Existing Bridges

The purpose of this white paper is to acknowledge pedestrian and bicycle considerations in bridge design, bridge rehabilitation projects and to share case studies of improved bicycle and pedestrian connections.

Wed 12th Oct 2016

We can all get along: The alignment of driver and bicyclist roadway design preferences

This paper presents results from an internet survey examining perceived comfort while driving and bicycling on various roadways among 265 non-bicycling drivers, bicycling drivers, and non-driving bicyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thu 8th Sep 2016