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Utilizing Bicycle Level of Service and Latent Demand Score for Small City Bicycle Route 2 Planning

This paper evaluated small city bicycle route planning using both Bicycle Level of Service 3 (BLOS) and Latent Demand Score (LDS) models.

Thu 8th Jan 2015

Safety Impacts of Bicycle Infrastructure: A critical review

This thesis takes a critical look at the present state of bicycle safety research, highlighting data needs and some conclusions researchers have already drawn using the data available to them.

Thu 8th Jan 2015

Policies to promote the use of bicycle: perception of bicycle users and non-users

The purpose of this study is to determine what policies would support a behavioral change to increase the level of cycling in Portugal, from the consultation of bike users (BUs) and bike nonusers (BNUs). 

Wed 7th Jan 2015

Characteristics of Mixed Bicycle Traffic Flow on the Conventional Bicycle Path

This paper presents analysis results about the impact of the proportions and the road width on saturated volume of non-motorized traffic flow. The impact of various factors on the traffic operation speed is discussed also.

Mon 5th Jan 2015

Estimating Land Use and Road Environment Effects on Cyclist Injury Severity

This research employs a multinomial logit model and a generalized additive model to estimate the effects of land use, roadway design and traffic control measures on cyclist injury severity. 

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

Influences of Various Types of Bus Stops on Traffic Operations of Bicycles, 3 Vehicles, and Buses

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate how different types of bus stops influence the operation of bicycles, vehicles, and buses. Four types of stops were considered according to the geometric features and lane arrangement.

Thu 18th Dec 2014

Influence of road markings, lane widths and driver behaviour on proximity and speed of vehicles

The investigation presented in this paper builds on previous research and fills gaps in that research by considering the presence of cycle lanes on 20mph and 30mph roads, different lane widths, different lane markings, vehicle type, vehicle platooning and oncoming traffic.

Fri 7th Nov 2014

An observational study of conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians in the city centre

This study aims to observe the conflict betwen pedestrians and bicycles in the Brisbane Central Business District.  The study recorded cyclist characteristics, number of pedestrians within 1m and 5m radius and type of conflict (none, pedestrian, vehicle) for 1,971 cyclists in 2010 and 2,551 cyclists in 2012 at six locations in the Brisbane CBD.

Wed 5th Nov 2014

Bicycle boulevards and changes in physical activity and active transportation

This study evaluates changes in physical activity and active transportation associated with installation of new bicycle boulevards.

Thu 16th Oct 2014

Statistical Analysis of Bicyclists’ Injury Severity at Unsignalized Intersections

This study investigated factors correlated with the severity of injuries sustained by bicyclists in bicycle–motor vehicle crashes at unsignalized intersections to develop site-specific countermeasures and interventions to improve bicycle safety.

Tue 14th Oct 2014