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Design Treatments for Right-Turns at Intersections with Bicycle Traffic

This study aims to uncover causal factors contributing to right-hook crashes, determining viable measures for assessing driver performance, and identifying possible treatments to reduce the frequency and or severity of right-hook crashes.

Thu 9th Oct 2014

Bicycle Parking Regulations for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings in Toronto

This paper describes a research program undertaken by the City of Toronto to provide an empirical basis for updating bicycle parking regulations in the City's zoning bylaw.

Tue 30th Sep 2014

The Politics of Bicycle Lane Implementation: The Case of Vancouver’s Burrard Street Bridge

This study presents cases where strategies have been either successful or unsuccessful in attaining a shift of resources into active transportation infrastructure such as bicycle lanes. 

Fri 26th Sep 2014

Epidemiology and spatial examination of bicycle-motor vehicle crashes in Iowa, 2001–2011

To identify how person, crash, environment, and population characteristics differ between bicycle-motor vehicle crashes that occur at intersections and non-intersections.

Wed 24th Sep 2014

Using the Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork to explore conflicts between different road users

This paper presents an analysis of driver, cyclist, motorcyclist and pedestrian behaviour at intersections that involved the application of an integrated suite of ergonomics methods, the Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork (EAST) framework, to on-road study data. 

Thu 18th Sep 2014

Impact of bicycle route type on exposure to traffic-related air pollution

This study looks to assess the impact of cyclists' exposure to traffic-related air pollution by using a battery-powered mobile monitoring station to sample air pollutants along five bike routes in Boston, Massachusetts.

Wed 27th Aug 2014

Comparative Analysis of Risky Behaviors of Electric Bicycles at Signalized Intersections

The primary objective of this study was to compare the risky behaviors of e-bike, e-scooter and bicycle riders as they were crossing signalized intersections.

Wed 20th Aug 2014

Characteristics of bicycle travel in Japan and the Bicycle Travel Space Development Guideline

This paper explains theccharacteristics of bicycle travel in Japan and outlines principles for the provision of road space to allow bicycles to travel safely and comfortably on roads. 

Tue 19th Aug 2014

Mitigating the Right Turn Conflict Using Protected-Yet-Concurrent 2 Phasing for Cycle Tracks

This paper explores a phasing scheme in which right turns as well as left turns have their own phase. The crossing runs at a different time from the turn phases, yet concurrent with the parallel vehicular through phase.

Mon 18th Aug 2014

The Influence of Bicycle Oriented Facilities on Bicycle Crashes within Crash Concentrated Areas

This study analyses environmental features and major bicycle-oriented facilities that influence bicycle crashes within crash concentrated areas.

Mon 18th Aug 2014