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How Communities are Paying for Innovative On-Street Bicycle Infrastructure

This report provides transportation officials and advocates examples of how protected bike lanes are being paid for in the United States, in order to give “permission by example” to other communities.

Wed 25th Jun 2014

Lessons from the Green Lanes: Evaluating Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S.

This research evaluates protected bike lanes in five distinct contexts varying in population, driving and cycling rates and cultures, and weather: Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; and, Washington, District of Columbia.

Fri 20th Jun 2014

Multimodal injury risk analysis of road users at signalized and non-signalized intersections

This paper proposes a multimodal approach to study safety at intersections by simultaneously analysing the safety and flow outcomes for both motorized and non-motorized traffic.

Wed 11th Jun 2014

Investigating the Effects of Mediated and Passive Prompts on Pedestrian and Bicycle Lane Adherence

This study investigated the effects of passive prompts (e.g., posted signs) and mediated prompts (e.g., spoken reminders) encouraging the lane adherence behavior of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other transportation users.

Wed 4th Jun 2014

Who is ‘World Class’? Transportation Justice and Bicycle Policy

Through two case studies, this report explore how politicians are exploiting the growing appeal of bicycle culture for economic development.

Thu 29th May 2014

Casino to Murwillumbah Rail Trail Study

This study assesses the economic feasibility of building a rail trail on a disused rail corridor between Casino and Murwillumbah in NSW.

Wed 14th May 2014

Operational Guidance For Bicycle-Specific Traffic Signals

This study reviewed the literature, current engineering design and operational guidance documents, and surveyed the jurisdictions about their current deployments of bicycle-specific signals. The report also summarises research of cyclist behavior at signalised intersections.  Compliance behavior was also established for these cyclists.

Wed 14th May 2014

The implications of low quality bicycle paths on gaze behavior of cyclists

Unlike for car driving and walking, the visual behavior during cycling is poorly documented. The aim of this experiment was to explore the visual behavior of adult bicycle users ‘in situ’ and to investigate to what extent the surface quality affects this behavior. 

Mon 12th May 2014

Seattle’s Bicycle Stations: A Social and Infrastructure Support Network

This thesis proposes a network of bicycle stations throughout Seattle to encourage ridership, and add safety and convenience for cyclists, and signify bicycling is a normal, everyday activity.

Wed 30th Apr 2014

Optimization Framework for Bicycle Network Design

This paper presents a new formulation for the network design problem as it relates to retrofitting existing roadway infrastructure for bicycles. The goal of the problem is, for a minimum cost, to connect all origin–destination pairs with paths where each roadway segment and intersection meets or exceeds a lower bound on its bicycling level of service.

Fri 25th Apr 2014