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Evaluating Active Transport Benefits and Costs

This report describes methods for evaluating the benefits and costs of active transport. It describes various types of benefits and costs and methods for measuring them. These include direct benefits to users from improved active transport conditions, and various benefits to society from increased walking and cycling activity, reduced motor vehicle travel, and more compact and multi-modal community development. It discusses active transport demands and ways to increase walking and cycling activity. This analysis indicates that many active transport benefits tend to be overlooked or undervalued in conventional transport economic evaluation.

Wed 28th Aug 2013

Assessing the Impact of Bicycle Facilities on Use

This study examines the impact of a major investment in new bicycle facilities on bicycle use.

Thu 15th Aug 2013

Cycling to the future: Lessons from Cities around the Globe

The presentation looks firstly at the US and where it is placed with regards to bicycle transport and participation.  It then looks at statistics from around the world that provide interesting insights such as the relationship between the mode share of cycling and the percentage of those riders who are women.  Much of the remainder of the presentation shows examples of engineering interventions from around the world such as bicycle paths, bicycle parking and other bicycle facilites.

Wed 12th Jun 2013

Contra-Flow Bicycle Lanes: A Behavioural Study

This study determines if parallel parking to the left of contra-flow bicycle lanes poses an unacceptable safety risk to bicycle riders in the contra-flow lane.

Thu 30th May 2013

Urban Traffic Calming and Health Inequalities: Effects and Implications for Practice

This report looks at the affects that traffic calming has on health inequalities.  This summary is the final report in a series of five short documents based on Urban Traffic Calming and Health: A Literature Review.  It presents the effects of two traffic-calming approaches, the black-spots approach and the area-wide approach, on health inequalities. 

Wed 22nd May 2013

Cyclist Activity and Injury Risk Analysis at Signalized Intersections

This study investigates cyclist injury occurrence and bicycle activity simultaneously using a bayesian modelling approach. The presence of bus stops at intersections increases cyclist injury occurrence as well as the presence of raised medians at intersections decreases cyclist injury occurrence. The authors propose a ranking approach for corridors in terms of injury risk criteria.

Tue 14th May 2013

Traffic conflicts on bicycle paths: A systematic observation of behaviour from video

This paper reviews the behaviour of bicyclists and moped riders to assess safety on bicycle paths in the Netherlands. This study seeks to understand the phenomena that over three quarters of accidents of hospitalised bicycle victimes in the Netherlands cannot be directly related to a crash with motorised traffic.

Thu 11th Apr 2013

Evaluating Complete Streets: The Value of Designing Roads For Diverse Modes, Users and Activities

This report discusses reasons to implement complete streets and how they relates to other planning innovations. Complete streets can provide many direct and indirect benefits including improved accessibility for non-drivers, user savings and affordability, energy conservation and emission reductions, improved community livability, improved public fitness and health, and support for strategic development objectives such as urban redevelopment and reduced sprawl. The report was first published in December 2012 and was updated in March 2013 by the Victorian Transport Policy Institute.

Wed 6th Mar 2013

Evaluation of Shared Lane Markings for Cyclists

This report describes a before and after study of the application of shared lane markings for cyclists (“sharrows”) to three relatively slow speed streets in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Sharrows appear to have a significant effect on cyclist lane positioning on roads where it is feasible for cyclists to ‘claim the lane’. 

Thu 28th Feb 2013

Pedestrians and cyclists on major roads

This report reviews effects of construction, maintenance, management, and costs for pedestrian and cyclist solutions on major roads, with or without central barrier. The report is written in Swedish with an English summary.

Wed 27th Feb 2013