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Characterisation of and reflections on the synergy of bicycles and public transport

This research argues that combined use of the bicycle and public transport should be understood in a broad perspective, especially where bicycles link to higher speed and higher capacity public transport, such as the train.

Mon 22nd Aug 2016

Bike Network Mapping Idea Book

This resource highlights ways that different communities have mapped their existing and proposed bicycle networks.

Thu 11th Aug 2016

Exploring the link between the neighborhood typologies, bicycle infrastructure and commuting cycling

This paper investigates the evolution of urban cycling in Montreal, Canada and its link to both built environment indicators and bicycle infrastructure accessibility. The effect of new cycling infrastructure on transport-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is then explored. 

Tue 26th Jul 2016

Evaluation of the Veloway 1: A natural experiment of new bicycle infrastructure in Brisbane, Aust.

This study examined the behavioural impact of a new segment of a dedicated bikeway (Veloway 1 Stage C) that links southern suburbs with Brisbane city centre.

Thu 14th Jul 2016

Improving safety for people who cycle on rural roads

This study aimed to determine how to cost-effectively improve safety for people who cycle on low-volume rural roads in New Zealand.

Tue 21st Jun 2016

Measuring stress levels for real-world on-road cyclists

This research effort presents a novel approach to measure cyclists’ stress: real-world, on-road measurements of physiological stress as cyclists travel across different types of bicycle facilities in various traffic volumes. 

Thu 19th May 2016

Model-based predictive control for bicycling in urban intersections

In this paper, a model predictive control approach for improving the efficiency of bicycling as part of intermodal transportation systems is proposed.

Wed 11th May 2016

Mode Substitution Effect of Urban Cycle Tracks

This study explored the potential impact of cycle tracks (i.e., physically separated bicycle lane within a street right-of-way) on short-term travel mode substitution behaviour.

Thu 14th Apr 2016

Make bicycle (suggestion) lanes as wide as two cyclists

The research brings us knowledge about the position of cyclists with respect to each other and overtaking vehicles.

Fri 8th Apr 2016

Improving Bicycle Detection Pavement Marking Symbols to Increase Comprehension at Traffic Signals

Building on previous research with the 9C- 7 bicycle detector marking and blue light detector feedback devices, there are two objectives of this research: 1) do users comprehend the 9C-7 marking and the blue light detector feedback device? 2) Does bicyclist behavior change due to a descriptive bicycle detector marking?

Wed 6th Apr 2016