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Bicycle infrastructure preferences -€“ A case study of Dublin

This paper examines infrastructure preferences for cyclists. Facilities that were segregated from traffic were the preferred form of cycling infrastructure, regardless of cycling confidence. 

Tue 5th Jun 2012

Park and Ride: An Adelaide Case Study

This paper reports on research into the recently established Adelaide Entertainment Centre P&R facility situated on the fringe of Adelaide's CBD. The research was conducted a few months after the opening of the P&R facility to capture the travel behaviour changes facilitated by the scheme.

Tue 5th Jun 2012

Low-Stress Bicycling and Network Connectivity

The objective of this study is to develop measures of low-stress connectivity that can be used to evaluate and guide bicycle network planning. For a bicycling network to attract the widest possible segment of the population, its most fundamental attribute should be low-stress connectivity.

Tue 5th Jun 2012

Sydney CBD Cycleways: Traffic Signals Optimisation

This report analyses the operation of the bicycle signals at signalised intersections on dedicated cycleways within and close to the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). The study included: the accuracy and efficiency of bicycle detection; duration of bicycle phases in relation to cyclist demand, and to other vehicle and pedestrian demands; and delays to cyclists, compared to delays to other road users. 

Mon 28th May 2012

Intersection interactions: cyclist behaviour at Sydney CDB cycleway intersections

The research examined: road space allocation and traffic signalling at intersections incorporating cycleways, including operational procedures such as signal phasing, signage and intersection configuration; intersection user behaviour and conflict resolution at intersections incorporating cycleways; and the role of induction loops embedded in the road surface used to trigger the bicycle specific signals.

Mon 28th May 2012

Bicycle Rider Collisions with Car Doors

This report, published the Road Safety Action Group Inner Melbourne, aims to identify the extent of car dooring injuries to cyclists and the context in which these crashes are occurring; and identify what practices are in use elsewhere in Australia.

Wed 9th May 2012

Shared-Use Bus Priority Lanes on City Streets

This report, published by the Mineta Transportation Institute in April 2012, examines the policies and strategies governing the design and, especially, operations of bus lanes in major congested urban centers. It provides detailed case studies in seven cities that currently have shared-use bus priority lanes that allow bicycle riders.

Wed 18th Apr 2012

Australian National Audit Office’s Audit of the Bike Paths Component of the Local Jobs Fund

In March 2012 the Australian National Audit Office released a report into effectiveness of the bike paths component of the Jobs Fund. This report is critical of the administrative processes used to assess the funding applications and makes recommendations to improve accessment crietria in the selection of projects.

Wed 28th Mar 2012

Cycling to work in 90 large American cities: the role of bike paths and lanes

The article analyses the variation in bike commuting in large American cities, with a focus on assessing the influence of bike paths and lanes, which have been the main approach to increasing cycling in the USA.

Mon 27th Feb 2012

Getting the British back on bicycles

This paper presents research which aimed to identify the contribution of a typical section of the UK's National Cycle Network in encouraging cycling for everyday travel amongst a community living adjacent to this type of intervention.

Mon 27th Feb 2012