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Bicycle Parking Analysis with Time Series Photography

This paper proposes a methodology for collecting detailed bicycle parking data. This methodology uses digital photography to capture parking data, including arrival and departure times, parking durations, and turnover rates.

Mon 6th Feb 2012

Evaluation of Shared Lane Markings

This report provides a before-after evaluation to compare how cyclists and motorists operated on a street with parallel parking in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with no markings versus with sharrows placed 10 ft (3.05 m) from the curb.

Mon 6th Feb 2012

Estimating Potential Effect of Speed Limits on the Severity of Pedestrian and Cyclist Injuries

This study found that for cyclists vehicle movement and whether the accident occurred at a signalized intersection had significant effects on the severity of injury.

Mon 6th Feb 2012

Intersection Crossing Times of Bicyclists

This study built on a video image-processing method developed and reported in a previous study to collect data at five new intersections with diverse physical characteristics and bicycling populations.

Mon 6th Feb 2012

Much-Anticipated Marriage of Cycling and Transit

There has been a shortage of reliable empirical studies in combining cycling and transit in North America. The study addressed this gap through an analysis of travel behavior and preferences related to cycle-transit (C-T) integration.

Mon 6th Feb 2012

Are Cycle Centers Effective Transport Interventions?

This research evaluates the King George Square Cycle Center in Brisbane. It found most users were men in white-collar jobs. Congestion-reduction benefits were small.

Mon 6th Feb 2012

Pilot Models for Estimating Bicycle Intersection Volumes

Several simple models of bicycle intersection volumes were developed for Alameda County, California. The models showed that bicycle volumes tended to be higher at intersections surrounded by more commercial retail properties.

Wed 1st Feb 2012

How Do Level of Experience, Purpose Affect Location?

Characteristics of the road infrastructure affect both the popularity of bicycling and its safety, but comparisons of the safety performance of infrastructure may be confounded by differences in the profiles of cyclists who use them.

Wed 1st Feb 2012

Bikeability and the 20-min Neighborhood

 This report explores a methodology for assessing a neighborhood's bicycle accessibility or 'bikeability' on the basis of its mix of infrastructure and destinations, essentially the 20-min neighborhood for bicycles.

Wed 1st Feb 2012

Design Guidance for Channelized Right-Turn Lanes

This report documents and presents the results of research to develop design guidance for channelized right-turn lanes.

Fri 23rd Dec 2011