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Speed Limit Setting on Shared Paths

This report is a thorough evaluation on literature to determine national and international Standards and guidelines on speed limits for cyclists.  Methods for estimating conflict between cyclists and pedestrians will also be looked at.

Sat 2nd Jul 2011

An Evaluation of Bicycle Awareness Zones

This research is a review of Bicycle Awareness Zones (BAZ) and uses video analysis, a questionnaire and crash data analysis of Brisbane cycle crashes.

Sat 2nd Jul 2011

Bicycle-Rail Trip Analysis

The study aims to establish the benefits of providing a system that accommodates bicyclists on trains and at train stations.

Fri 1st Jul 2011

Effectiveness and Selection of Treatments for Cyclists at Signalised Intersections

This Austroads Research Report contains the results of a study focused on the safety impacts of providing cycle facilities, in combination with a number of other features, such as width of approach kerbside lane, at traffic signals.

Wed 22nd Jun 2011

Evaluation of Pedestrian and Bicycle Engineering Countermeasures

This report documents a US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) project to quantify the effectiveness of selected engineering countermeasures to improve safety and operations for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Wed 4th May 2011

Bicycling Access and Egress to Transit

This research report by Mineta Transportation Institute looks at cost effective ways of encouraging cyclists onto public transport. Intergrating bicycles with public transport increases the efficiency of both transport modes and brings a range of benefits to communites.

Thu 28th Apr 2011

Risk of injury for bicycling on cycle tracks versus in the street

The objective of this study conducted in Montreal was to compare bicyclist injury rates on cycle tracks versus in the street. The results, published in the journal Injury Prevention, in February 2011, suggest that the injury risk of bicycling on cycle tracks is less than bicycling in streets.

Fri 25th Mar 2011

Evaluating the Impact of Neighborhood Trail Development on Active Travel Behavior

This report examined the results of a pilot project that assess the impact of constructing a new trail on the active travel behavior and overall physical activity among suburban residents in West Valley City, Utah. The results show that in this case, trail users were not locals and had little impact on encouraging behaviour change.    

Fri 25th Mar 2011

Cycling Infrastructure for Australian Cities

In 2009 the Australian Government sought advice on how to best facilitate the modal shift towards cycling as a viable and sustainable means for commuting, local trips and recreation.

Fri 25th Mar 2011

Forecasting the benefits from providing an interface between cycling and public transport

The research examines the introduction of secure storage at public transport stations/stops (bike and ride) and racks on board buses, carriages or ferries (bike on board).

Fri 25th Mar 2011