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Evaluation of Innovative Bicycle Facilities: SW Broadway Cycle Track and SW Stark/Oak Street Buffere

This report explores the impact of two bike lane configurations: a cycle track (a seven-foot bike lane separated from motor vehicle traffic by a row of parked cars and a painted three-foot pedestrian buffer) and a couplet of buffered bike lanes (six-foot bike lanes with a two-foot painted buffer on either side separating them from motor vehicle traffic).

Wed 9th Mar 2011

Multimodal Travel Choices of Bicyclists

The research report containes six papers that explore the influence of the built environment on route selection for bicycle and car travel; automated bicycle counts; multimodal travel choices of bicyclists; effects of gender on commuter cycling and accident rates; on-street bicycle facility configuration effects on bicyclist and motorist behavior; and parking lane width effect on bicycle operating space.

Thu 17th Feb 2011

Effects of On-Street Bicycle Facility Configuration on Bicyclist and Motorist Behaviour

This research report examines the safety impacts of design elements, including the type and width of the bicycle facility, the presence of adjacent motor vehicle traffic, parking turnover rate, land use, and the type of motorist-bicyclist interaction. 

Thu 17th Feb 2011

Parking Lane Width and Bicycle Operating Space

This study tests the hypothesis that marking narrower parking lanes can create additional operating space for bicyclists by inducing motorists to park closer to the curb.

Thu 17th Feb 2011

The effect of road lane width on cyclist safety in urban areas

Research has shown that road lane width impacts on driver behaviour. This literature review focuses on the impacts of lane widths on cyclists and motor vehicle safety behaviour.

Wed 12th Jan 2011

Field test on visability at cycle crossings at night

This report describes the reults of a field test on visability at cycle crossings.

Wed 12th Jan 2011

Investigation of Cyclist Safety at Intersections

This report, published by Austroads, investigates casualty cyclist accidents over two years in metropolitan areas of Melbourne and Sydney, and the nature of crashes and intersection features at 18 sites in Melbourne.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Balance between Harm Reduction and Mobility in Setting Speed Limits

This research report recommends a new speed setting method based more firmly on safety considerations, combining economic optimisation and harm reduction considerations.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Risk of vehicle–pedestrian and vehicle–bicyclist collisions among children with disabilities

This research paper was published in Accident Analysis & Prevention in 2006. It examined the potential association between disability and risk of vehicle–pedestrian and vehicle–bicyclist collisions among children.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Toronto bicycle commuter safety rates

This research examines the rate of collisions, falls and injuries in different riding environments. It found that the rate of collision on off-road paths and sidewalks was lower than for roads.

Tue 28th Sep 2010