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Car Driver and Bicyclist Behavior at Bicycle Crossings Under Different Priority Regulations

This 1999 study examines the effects of changes to the Finnish Traffic Code concerning rights of way at bicycle crossings put into effect on the first of June, 1997.  It looks at changes in drivers’ and cyclists’ behavior, and on their knowledge.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Cycle Tourism in Australia - an investigation into its size and scope

This research report investigates the size and scope of the Australian cycle tourism market. Information contained in this report was based on a literature review on cycle tourism; an internet search of cycling organisations and cycling events; and personal communications with cycling organisations and event organisers.  

Mon 27th Sep 2010

Rail-trails and community sentiment

This report documents the types of opposition to rail trails and provides strategies for overcoming opposition. Of the 125 projects studied, 85% met with no local opposition and where the community raised concerns trail proponents were able to work with the community to reach common ground. 

Mon 27th Sep 2010

Regional community entrepreneurship through tourism: the case of Victoria’s rail trails

Findings include evidence of the strong economic benefit these trails bring to regional communities as well as concluding that, in order for the economic and associated social benefits to be realised, community-based planning and support is necessary.

Mon 27th Sep 2010

Cost–benefit analyses of walking and cycling track networks (Norway)

This 2004 study presents cost–benefit analyses of walking and cycling track networks in three Norwegian cities. The cost–benefit analyses take into account the benefit of reduced insecurity and the health benefits of the improved fitness the use of non-motorized transport provides.

Thu 23rd Sep 2010

The provision and use of bicycle parking at Sydney region public transport interchanges

This report, published in 2009 by the NSW Premier’s Council for Active Living, provides the results of an audit of the provision and use of bicycle parking at Sydney region public transport interchanges.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Integration of Bicycles and Transit

The purpose of this report is to share information about how bicycles are integrated with public transportation by many different types of transit agencies in the United States and Canada. The information can be used to improve existing bicycle services and to assist other communities with developing new bicycle and transit services.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Integrating Bicycling and Public Transport in North America

It provides an overview of bike-transit integration in large American and Canadian cities. The paper begins with an analysis of national trends in bike-and-ride programs such as the provision of bike racks on buses, accommodation of bikes on rail vehicles, and bike parking at rail stations and bus stops.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Balancing the needs of cyclists and motorists

This report highlights common points of conflict between the needs of cyclists and motorists. It provides recommendations on road designs to minimise these points of conflict by offering a balance between the needs of both road users.

Tue 21st Sep 2010

Multi-lane roundabout designs for cyclists

This report highlights safety concerns for cyclists at multi-lane roundabouts and develops recommendations to improve their safety performance.

Tue 21st Sep 2010