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Estimating bicycle parking demand with limited data availability

In this work, citywide data about the location of public bicycle stands were analysed. The spatial distribution of future levels of cycling were estimated. According to the results of this research, up to 56 000 additional public bicycle spaces are needed to accommodate the intended increase in cycling.

Fri 11th Dec 2015

Recommendations for Cycle Infrastructure Solutions on Hills Based on Cyclists’ Preferences

This paper aims to identify infrastructure solutions on slopes that are preferred by all kinds of cyclists.

Thu 26th Nov 2015

Analysis of Bicycle Traffic on One-way Bicycle Tracks of Different Width

This study examines the behaviour of bicycle users on one-way bicycle tracks of various widths.

Wed 25th Nov 2015

Data Capture Techniques for Understanding Cyclist Route Selection: a Synthesis of the Literature

This literature review examines the methodologies through which the network-scale impact of cycling infrastructure can be assessed.

Wed 18th Nov 2015

Bicycle parking demand at railway stations: Capturing price-walking trade offs

The bicycle parking preferences of train travellers were examined in this paper by reporting the results of a stated choice experiment (n = 866) conducted in Delft.

Tue 17th Nov 2015

Do characteristics of walkable environments support bicycling?

Does walkability equate with bikeability? Through a comprehensive review of studies of the built environment and bicycling, including mode choice, route choice, safety, and urban design literature, this paper addresses this question.

Sun 1st Nov 2015

Designing bicycle infrastructure in Nanjing, China

This paper proposes a bicycle infrastructure design in Nanjing to encourage people to ride instead of drive.

Thu 15th Oct 2015

Use of and short-term impacts of new cycling infrastructure in inner-Sydney, Australia

This paper describes the users of a new bicycle path in inner-Sydney, and examines its short-term impacts upon cycling behaviour and perceptions of the local environment.

Tue 6th Oct 2015

Green Shared Lane Markings (Super Sharrow) on Urban Arterial

The purpose of the experiment was to promote (a) safe and legal lane positioning by cyclists and (b) safe and legal passing by motorists. Through statistical analysis, the effects of the green band (i.e., green shared lane) on user behavior were isolated for comparison with the effects of no bikeway striping and standard sharrows.

Fri 2nd Oct 2015

Risk and Efficiency of Bicycle Paths

This article examines the economic value and risks associated with cycle path projects in the Czech Republic.

Wed 30th Sep 2015