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The Dutch road to a high level of cycling safety

This paper explores how the Netherlands achieved an 80% reduction in the number of cyclists killed (predominantly bicycle–motor vehicle crashes) per billion bicycle kilometres over a thirty year period. 

Wed 8th Jul 2015

A Bicycle Network Analysis Tool for Planning Applications in Small Communities

This research develops network analysis tools for estimating bicycle trips in small communities with limited resources.

Tue 7th Jul 2015

Impact of Safe Routes to School programs on walking and biking

This research review highlights findings from studies conducted in several states and cities that have examined walking or biking rates, safety, and economic issues associated with Safe Routes to School programs.

Tue 7th Jul 2015

Safe Cycling Network Assessment Tool

This  Safe Cycling Network tool can be used to asses the safety of bicycle infrastructure and was partly based on the international  EuroRAP instrument.

Thu 2nd Jul 2015

Changes in mode of travel to work: a natural experimental study of new transport infrastructure

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a major transport infrastructure project on commuters’ mode of travel, trip frequency and distance travelled to work.

Wed 1st Jul 2015

The politics of bike lanes on the ‘Paseo Boricua’ in Chicago, Illinois

This paper seeks to explore the dynamic ways that community members and city planners make sense of bike infrastructure development in Chicago, Illinois.

Wed 1st Jul 2015

Multiple Criteria Bicycle Route Assessment

This paper integrates demand, supply and stakeholder perceptions into a spatial decision support system for use in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Wed 10th Jun 2015

The bicycle: mass urban transportation - a paradigm shift

This study looks at factors that are contributing to a change in attitudes regarding bicycle transport both in terms of public opinion and the attitudes of city officials.

Wed 10th Jun 2015

An approach for incorporating traffic signal operational strategies for bicycles

This research presents a methodology to identify critical zones for implementation of traffic signal operational strategies for bicycles.

Tue 9th Jun 2015

Estimating cycleway capacity and bicycle equivalent unit for electric bicycles

With the rapid increase of electric bicycles in China, the heterogeneous bicycle traffic flow comprising regular bicycles and E-bikes using shared cycleways creates issues in terms of efficiency as well as safety.  In this paper, eight traffic flow fundamental diagrams are developed for one-way cycleway capacity estimation.  

Thu 4th Jun 2015