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An approach for incorporating traffic signal operational strategies for bicycles

This research presents a methodology to identify critical zones for implementation of traffic signal operational strategies for bicycles.

Tue 9th Jun 2015

Estimating cycleway capacity and bicycle equivalent unit for electric bicycles

With the rapid increase of electric bicycles in China, the heterogeneous bicycle traffic flow comprising regular bicycles and E-bikes using shared cycleways creates issues in terms of efficiency as well as safety.  In this paper, eight traffic flow fundamental diagrams are developed for one-way cycleway capacity estimation.  

Thu 4th Jun 2015

Modeling Mixed Bicycle Traffic Flow: A Comparative Study on the Cellular Automata Approach

This paper attempts to develop two cellular automata models to describe the behaviors of mixed bicycle traffic with regular bicycles and electric bicycles on a separated bicycle path and to compare the characteristics of various models.

Wed 3rd Jun 2015

How comfortable are your cycling tracks? A new method for objective bicycle vibration measurement

This paper presents a simple and robust method for bicycle vibration measurement.

Thu 28th May 2015

Measurement of desirable minimum one-way bike lane width

This study devised a measurement method to obtain precise bicycle trajectories using a real-time kinematic global positioning system (RTK GPS).

Tue 21st Apr 2015

The Relationship between Number of Passing Events and Operating Parameters in Mixed Bicycle Traffic

This paper investigates passing events where electric bicycles pass non-electric bicycles or other electric bicycles and explores the relationship between passing events and traffic parameters in designated bicycle facilities. 

Mon 20th Apr 2015

Major issues for biking revival in urban China

This research identifies three issues that may be hampering China's desire to launch a bicycle revival.  The issues are the disproportionate focus on bike share schemes, the undersupply of bicycle infrastructure and the perception of the car as a status symbol.

Fri 17th Apr 2015

Rumble Strip Gaps for High Speed Bicycles

This study evaluates how variations in shoulder rumble strips gap lengths and shoulder widths affect a bicyclist’s ability to maneuver through these gaps when riding at higher than average bicycling speeds.

Mon 13th Apr 2015

Estimating Capacity of Bicycle Path on Urban Roads in 4 Hangzhou, China

This paper proposed a method to derive bicycle path capacity by fitting a relationship between the three fundamental traffic variables: flow, speed, and density.

Wed 1st Apr 2015

The importance of bicycle parking management

This paper describes the issues raised regarding bicycle parking such as a lack of capacity in the Netherlands and Denmark recently.  

Thu 12th Mar 2015