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Analysis of Passing Distances between Bicycles and Motorized Vehicles on Urban Arterials

This thesis seeks to improve the current understanding of vehicle-cyclist interactions; specifically the lateral clearances between motorised vehicles and cyclists during overtaking maneuvers on urban arterial roadways.  

Thu 22nd Jan 2015

Factors Affecting Comfort Perception of Cyclists Considering Mixed Traffic Flow in Bicycle Lanes

The primary objective of the study was to identify the factors that affected the comfort perception of e-bike, e-scooter and bicycle riders on mid-block bicycle lanes on urban streets. 

Wed 21st Jan 2015

Roundabout design and cycling safety

This paper summarises the results of a project undertaken to provide guidance on how cyclist safety could be improved at existing roundabouts in Queensland, Australia, where cyclist crashes have been increasing and legislation gives motor vehicles priority over cyclists and pedestrians at roundabouts. 

Wed 21st Jan 2015

An Evaluation of Bicycle Friendly Rating Schemes for Cities

This report documents the important elements, strategies, and best practices that well-established Dutch, Danish, and German bike friendly cities exhibit to create a baseline standard for bicycle friendliness.

Fri 16th Jan 2015

When Do Drivers Yield to Cyclists at Unsignalised Roundabouts?

This paper explores empirical evidence of the vehicle-bicycle interaction on a typical Swedish roundabout, and provides insights into factors influencing car drivers’ yielding decisions when they interact with cyclists.

Thu 15th Jan 2015

Measurement of Pavement Treatment Macrotexture and Its Effect on Bicycle Ride Quality

This paper summarizes the results of measurements of macrotexture on a set of pavement surface treatments, and correlates those results with a survey of bicycle ride quality on most of those sections.

Thu 15th Jan 2015

Right-hook crash causality at signalized intersections

This research provides an improved understanding of right hand crash causal factors during the latter portion of the green phase through an online survey and driving simulator experiment.

Thu 15th Jan 2015

Segmented Ordered Logit Analysis of Bicycle-Vehicle Conflict Occurrence at Urban Intersections

The purpose of this study is to estimate a segmented ordered logit model for bicycle-vehicle conflict occurrence to evaluate the impact of gender on cyclist risk at urban intersections with cycle tracks.

Thu 15th Jan 2015

Evaluating the effectiveness of on-street bicycle lanes and assessing risk to bicyclists

The objectives of this evaluation are to evaluate the effectiveness of on-street bicycle lanes in reducing bicycle crashes, to evaluate the effect of on-street bicycle lanes on other road network users (all crashes), and to assess the role of other network characteristics (speed limit, the number of lanes etc) on risk to bicyclists.

Fri 9th Jan 2015

Urban scale modelling of traffic and cycling flow using spatial analysis

This research uses spatial analysis modelling procedures based on space syntax to investigate the potential to model aggregate traffic flows at an urban scale, and to investigate the potential to apply the same methodology to model both aggregate and individual cycle flows.

Thu 8th Jan 2015