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A Method to Assess Sustainable Mobility for Sustainable Tourism

This paper analyses the public bike share systems (PBS) in Spain through sentiment analysis of Social Media data (TripAdvisor, Twitter and Facebook) with opinions of residents and visitors, identifying positive and negative factors and their potential impact on sustainable tourism and transport.

Thu 12th Jan 2017

Infrastructure development : bicycle-based Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD)

This presentation illustrates that the positive effects of bicycle-based Transit-Oriented Development on the viability of a public transport service, through decreased feeder service reliance, could far outweigh the costs of the cycling infrastructure.

Fri 6th Jan 2017

Emerging bicycle tourism and the theory of planned behavior

In this study, we investigated the process of travelers’ decision formation for bicycle touring as a form of sustainable tourism activity.

Tue 6th Dec 2016

Identifying adventure tourism product signatures: A case analysis of guided mountain bike tours

This research note outlines a product signature for commercial mountain bike tours as a case example within the broad adventure tourism product milieu.

Mon 5th Dec 2016

Requirements towards sustainable future urban mobility in Germany

This paper examines different mobility studies and statistics on the preference of transport modes in order to identify requirements towards a sustainable future urban mobility.

Thu 15th Sep 2016

Bike-traveling as a growing phenomenon: Role of attributes, value, satisfaction, desire, and gender

This research was designed to investigate the role of bike-tourism attributes, perceived value, satisfaction, desire, and gender in bicyclers' loyalty generation process.

Thu 8th Sep 2016

Understanding the multiple dimensions of transportation disadvantage

This paper reports on a study that combined quantitative Census data with qualitative field data collected in interviews and focus groups, to better understand which individuals may in fact be transportation-disadvantaged, and which personal and household factors or environmental conditions correlate with concentrations of transportation-disadvantaged populations.

Tue 23rd Aug 2016

Characterisation of and reflections on the synergy of bicycles and public transport

This research argues that combined use of the bicycle and public transport should be understood in a broad perspective, especially where bicycles link to higher speed and higher capacity public transport, such as the train.

Mon 22nd Aug 2016

Bike Network Mapping Idea Book

This resource highlights ways that different communities have mapped their existing and proposed bicycle networks.

Thu 11th Aug 2016

Can transit-oriented developments help achieve the recommended weekly level of physical activity?

This study aims to describe travel behavior of residents in Transit-oriented developments (TODs) and its impacts on levels of physical activity through utilitarian trips (i.e., routine trips to school, work and grocery shopping).

Thu 28th Jul 2016