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Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier

This report identifies "trail-oriented development" which takes adantage of infrastructure that supports active ways of getting around in urban areas.

Thu 31st Mar 2016

Low-Stress Neighborhood Bikeability Assessment to Prioritize Bicycle Infrastructure

This paper introduces a new method to prioritize bicycle improvement projects based on accessibility to important destinations, such as grocery stores, banks, and restaurants. 

Thu 10th Mar 2016

Procuring e-bikes for cleaner postal deliveries in Croatia

The EU-funded Pro-E-Bike project helped Croatia’s national postal service Hrvatska pošta (Croatian Post) to test electric bikes as a way for it to deliver letters and small packages using cleaner and more energy-efficient vehicles.

Thu 4th Feb 2016

Effect of environmental perceptions on bicycle travelers’ decision-making process

 this study was designed to investigate the formation of bike travelers’ decisions by extending the model of goal-directed behavior (MGB). Specifically, this study incorporated two vital constructs in bicycle tourism, namely environmental connectedness and environmental behavior, into the MGB framework.

Thu 21st Jan 2016

Moving Toward Active Transportation: How Policies Can Encourage Walking and Bicycling

This research review updates the Active Living Research (ALR) brief on active travel and the links between active travel and public health.  To assess the state of knowledge in this vast and dynamic field, the study examined peer-reviewed scholarly review articles published between 2009 and 2015.

Wed 13th Jan 2016

Sustainable urban distribution : measures to reduce negative impacts of urban freight transport

This research looks at the potential for freight operations to be carried out by bicycles and looks at measures to reduce the negative impacts of urban freight transport.

Tue 12th Jan 2016

Profiling Bicycle Tourists: A Case of Croatia

This research gathers information about the behaviour of bicycle tourism in Croatia to provide valuable market parameters, comparable with the determinants of previous relevant studies.

Sat 9th Jan 2016

From Cycleway to Urbanism: Planning for Coastal Cycleway

This research draws upon an idea of the Great Harbour Way (GHW) - Te Aranui o Poneke, initiated by group of walkers and cyclists being a concept to develop and market a 75km shared pedestrian and cycle path around the shoreline of Wellington Harbour.

Wed 6th Jan 2016

Does cycling infrastructure investment mirror gentrification and privilege in Portland and Chicago

This research assesses the geographic distribution of 8 cycling infrastructure with regard to community demographic characteristics to better assess claims that cycling investment arrives in tandem with incoming populations of privilege or is targeted towards neighborhoods with existing wealth.

Wed 16th Dec 2015

Unraveling the Modal Impacts of Bikesharing

This survey looks at the demographics of bicycle share systems and how they interact with public transport services.

Tue 15th Dec 2015