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The costs of urban sprawl (1): Infrastructure and Transportation

This report considers the economic impacts associated with urban redevelopment to that of fringe development. The findings are presented in three companion papers on costs associated with infrastructure and transportation (this paper), greenhouse gas emissions, and activityrelated health.

Fri 29th Oct 2010

Childhood obesity: An economic perspective

The weight of Australian children has increased markedly in recent decades. This report considers the costs of childhood obesity within Australia as well as evidence based measures to reduce childhood obesity.

Fri 29th Oct 2010

Evaluating Public Transportation Health Benefits

This report investigates the ways that public transportation affects human health. The research indicates that people who live or work in communities with high quality public transportation tend to drive significantly less and rely more on alternative modes (walking, cycling and public transit) than they would in more automobile-oriented areas.

Fri 29th Oct 2010

Motivators and deterrents of bicycling: comparing influences on decisions to ride

In a survey of 1,402 current and potential cyclists in Metro Vancouver, 73 motivators and deterrents of cycling were evaluated. These results indicate the importance of the location and design of bicycle routes to promote cycling.

Thu 28th Oct 2010

Investigation of Cyclist Safety at Intersections

This report, published by Austroads, investigates casualty cyclist accidents over two years in metropolitan areas of Melbourne and Sydney, and the nature of crashes and intersection features at 18 sites in Melbourne.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Mass community cycling events

This 2006 academic paper published in the International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity investigates the type of people participating in mass cycling events and the subsequent effect on cycling behaviour.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Cycling to Work in Sydney - analysis of journey to work Censis data from 2001-2006

This 2008 report examines whether there have been changes in levels of cycling in Sydney between the 2001 and 2006 Census, extending an earlier analysis of data from the 1996 and 2001 Census.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

National Survey of Bicyclist and Pedestrian Attitudes and Behavior

The goals of the survey were to ascertain the scope and magnitude of bicycle and pedestrian activity and the public’s behavior and attitudes regarding bicycling and walking in the United States.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

Transport, health and the environment

This landmark World Health Organisation publication from 2000 looks at the inter-relationship between transport, health and the environment. This paper offers a comprehensive outline of the importance of reducing car use and increasing the proportion of trips conducted by active modes of transport.

Tue 28th Sep 2010

All-cause mortality associated with physical activity during leisure time, work, sports, and cycling

This Danish study, published in 2000, assessed the health status of 30,000 people over a 14 year period to measure the health benefits of cycling. The researchers found that, with all other factors being equal, simply cycling to work lowered the risk of death by 40%.

Tue 28th Sep 2010