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Economic Benefits of Cycling for Australia

This 2008 report from the Cycling Promotion Fund documents the rising cost of motoring and the economic benefits of cycling.  It brings together the costs and benefits from key areas, including transport, health and environmental sectors.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Evaluation of costs/benefits to the community of financial investment in cycling programs

This 2009 report produced by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the government of NSW looks at the quantifiable benefits of cycling or walking along cycle ways.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Recognising the economic role of bikes: sharing parking in Lygon Street, Carlton

This 2010 study produced by Alison Lee and Alan Marcha, University of Melbourne, demonstrates that, in appropriate areas, economic benefits may be achieved from replacing car parking with bike parking in public space areas, particularly as intensification of activity occurs as part of urban change, and as transport mode shifts over time.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Relative costs and benefits of modal transport solutions

This New Zealand Transport Agency 2009 report describes the outcomes of a study commissioned by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) to inform local authorities about the costs and benefits of transport modes. The aim of the study has been to provide general advice on the relative cost and benefits of alternatives with a focus on passenger transport in urban areas.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Win-win transportation solutions: Smart transportation strategies can achieve emission reduction tar

This paper, published by The Victoria Transport Policy Institute in 2011, introduces a range of market-based policy reforms aimed at increasing transport efficiency, improving health and reducing emissions.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Rating the Transport Sustainability of Transit Oriented Developments

This 2005 paper by M. Burke and L Brown suggests a way forward for the development of a diagnostic tool that can assist Transit Oriented Devlopment developers and decision-makers to quickly assess the potential of developments and the likely travel behaviour produced by their design.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Building an Area-based Travel Sustainability Tool

This 2006 paper by M Burke and L Brown is concerned with a Griffith University project to develop a diagnostic tool that seeks to allow decision-makers and others to rate the residential travel performance of land use developments and to identify means to improve that performance. 

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Parking Spaces, Community Places - Finding the Balance through Smart Growth Solutions

This report, published by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2006, provides communities and developers with proven techniques for balancing parking and other goals to enhance the success of new compact walkable places. The report begins with a discussion of the demand for parking and a review of the costs of parking. The following sections explain how innovative techniques have been used to solve parking problems in specific places.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Bike Lanes, On-Street Parking and Business: A Study of Bloor Street in Toronto’s Annex Neighbourhood

This purpose of this 2009 study from the Clean Air Foundation in Canada is to understand and estimate the importance of onstreet parking to business on Bloor Street in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto.  This report is about the development and testing of new analytic tools to determine the public acceptability and economic impact of reallocating road space.

Fri 17th Sep 2010

Unsettling Suburbia:The new landscape of oil and mortgage vulnerability in Australian cities

The paper has four aims: review the basis for the increases in global oil prices since 2004; present the result of the 2006 VAMPIRE (vulnerability assessment for mortgage, petroleum, and inflation risks and expenditure) and compare them to the 2001 VAMPIRE result; and make observations about the policy implications of the changes in oil and mortgage vulnerabiltiy within Australian cities.

Thu 16th Sep 2010