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Estimating demand for new cycling facilities in New Zealand

Published in 2008, this research project compared cycle traffic flows after facilities have been built with predictions and with cycle traffic flows before construction. The aim of the project was to develop a tool to estimate demand for new facilities.

Wed 15th Sep 2010

Multi-lane roundabout designs for cyclists

The purpose of this 2006 research report was to come up with an on-road roundabout design that is both safe as well as attractive to cyclists. The result of this work is the cyclist roundabout, or C-roundabout, a new concept in roundabout design.

Wed 15th Sep 2010

Bicycle Riding, Walking, and Weight Gain in Premenopausal Women

In this large 16-year prospective cohort study of premenopausal women, published in 2010 by theArchive of Internal Medicine, an increase in time spent bicycling was associated with a significantly lower change in weight, and this relationship was stronger among women with excess weight.

Sat 17th Jul 2010

Cycling for Freezing of Gait

This study was of a 58-year-old man who suffered from "gait freezing". He was incapable of walking but he could ride a bicycle. The research may lead to new forms of physical therapy and exercise for people with Parkinson's disease or other neurological disorders that affect movement, co-ordination or balance.  

Thu 1st Apr 2010