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The spatio-temporal development of Copenhagen’s bicycle infrastructure 1912–2013

This study documents the spatio-temporal development of Copenhagen’s bicycle infrastructure and explores how the development corresponds to other processes of urban transformation.

Wed 5th Aug 2015

How does the spatial context shape conditions for car dependency?

This paper analyses how the spatial context shapes conditions for car dependency, specifically focusing on the case of the Netherlands.

Wed 5th Aug 2015

Environmental barriers and enablers to physical activity participation among rural adults

This Tasmanian study interviewed adults about their experiences of living in rural environments and factors that relate to physical activity participation, finding some similarities and some differences to their urban counterparts.

Thu 23rd Jul 2015

Promotion of Active Transportation among State Departments of Transportation in the US

This research examines how and why state departments of transportation adopt policies that support active transportation.

Wed 22nd Jul 2015

What Tempe Bicycle Advocates Can Learn from the Dutch

Through a series of interviews and surveys, this study investigates what causes such high bicycling rates in Groningen and applies these findings to Tempe.

Wed 8th Jul 2015

A Bicycle Network Analysis Tool for Planning Applications in Small Communities

This research develops network analysis tools for estimating bicycle trips in small communities with limited resources.

Tue 7th Jul 2015

The politics of bike lanes on the ‘Paseo Boricua’ in Chicago, Illinois

This paper seeks to explore the dynamic ways that community members and city planners make sense of bike infrastructure development in Chicago, Illinois.

Wed 1st Jul 2015

Multiple Criteria Bicycle Route Assessment

This paper integrates demand, supply and stakeholder perceptions into a spatial decision support system for use in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Wed 10th Jun 2015

Cycling in the post-socialist city: On travelling by bicycle in Sofia, Bulgaria

This paper uses a case study from Sofia, Bulgaria to explore the practices and affordances of cycling to offer a discussion of everyday mobility, public life and urban space in post-socialist Sofia.

Wed 3rd Jun 2015

A literature review on overseas bicycle tourism research

In this paper, 42 research papers on bicycle tourism were reviewed and the results were summarized in five categories: definitions, behavioural characteristics of cyclists, bicycle tourism products supply, bicycle tourism impacts, and the systems of bicycle tourism.

Wed 11th Mar 2015