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Organisation does matter – planning for cycling in Stockholm and Copenhagen

This article explores how the organisation of urban and transport planning departments affects the development of a sustainable transport system and the promotion of bicycling.

Wed 18th Feb 2015

A Comparative Analysis of Bicycle Cultures in the United States and the Netherlands

This thesis investigates three cities and how their bicycle infrastructure and policies influence their bike cultures.  The cities are: San Luis Obispo, California, Groeningen, Netherlands and Claremont, California.

Fri 23rd Jan 2015

Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior to Understand the Intentions to Use Bike-Sharing for Holiday

This study explored the behavioral factors underlying tourist intentions to use urban bikesharing for recreational cycling while on holiday.

Fri 16th Jan 2015

Tools for financing local bicycle and pedestrian improvements

To understand the types of local funding being used, this thesis analyses eleven different sized case study cities across the U.S. that are leaders in planning for, and implementing, multimodal capital projects and programs.

Thu 8th Jan 2015

Policies to promote the use of bicycle: perception of bicycle users and non-users

The purpose of this study is to determine what policies would support a behavioral change to increase the level of cycling in Portugal, from the consultation of bike users (BUs) and bike nonusers (BNUs). 

Wed 7th Jan 2015

Estimating Land Use Effects on Bicycle Ridership

This paper proposes a series of empirical models for planners to develop ridership estimates and thus accommodate cyclists’ needs to provide better infrastructure. 

Tue 6th Jan 2015

Estimating Land Use and Road Environment Effects on Cyclist Injury Severity

This research employs a multinomial logit model and a generalized additive model to estimate the effects of land use, roadway design and traffic control measures on cyclist injury severity. 

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

Do dissonants in transit oriented development adjust commuting travel behaviour?

This research identifies mode choice behaviour of four groups living in transit oriented development (TOD) and non-TOD areas in Brisbane, Australia using panel data from 2675 commuters.

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

Evaluation of the Safe Routes to Transit Program in California

This paper elaborates on findings from an evaluation of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Safe 3 Routes to Transit (SR2T) program, which funded enhancements to increase walking and cycling 4 to regional transit stations.

Thu 1st Jan 2015

Safer Journeys for People who Cycle

A panel comprises 10 cycling and road safety experts have published this document which provides recommendations that aim for ‘A safe road network with zero fatalities and reduced serious injuries for people who cycle’.

Tue 23rd Dec 2014