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Estimating Land Use and Road Environment Effects on Cyclist Injury Severity

This research employs a multinomial logit model and a generalized additive model to estimate the effects of land use, roadway design and traffic control measures on cyclist injury severity. 

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

Do dissonants in transit oriented development adjust commuting travel behaviour?

This research identifies mode choice behaviour of four groups living in transit oriented development (TOD) and non-TOD areas in Brisbane, Australia using panel data from 2675 commuters.

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

Evaluation of the Safe Routes to Transit Program in California

This paper elaborates on findings from an evaluation of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Safe 3 Routes to Transit (SR2T) program, which funded enhancements to increase walking and cycling 4 to regional transit stations.

Thu 1st Jan 2015

Safer Journeys for People who Cycle

A panel comprises 10 cycling and road safety experts have published this document which provides recommendations that aim for ‘A safe road network with zero fatalities and reduced serious injuries for people who cycle’.

Tue 23rd Dec 2014

Exploring Synergy in Bicycle and Transit Use

This study investigated unexplored synergistic relationships between bicycling and transit use where short-term substitution of transit trips for bicycle trips during peak times can free capacity on transit networks.

Fri 12th Dec 2014

Accidents involving motorcyclists and cyclists in the municipality of São Paulo

This research aims to describe the characteristics of motorcycle and bicycle accident victims, according to notifications of suspected and confirmed accidents that have occurred in the municipality of São Paulo.

Sun 9th Nov 2014

Relationships between neighbourhood environments and residents’ bicycle mode choice

The purpose of this study is to analyse how the characteristics of neighbourhood environments affect the mode choice of residents in Seoul.

Fri 7th Nov 2014

Attributes of Destination Attractiveness in Taiwanese Bicycle Tourism

This study extends previous studies by examining the demand-side perspective towards the factors determining the attractiveness of a bicycle tourism destination and choosing Taiwan as the research context.

Fri 7th Nov 2014

Home and Workplace Built Environment Supports for Physical Activity

To examine the association of home and workplace built environment features with physical activity occurring across specific life domains (work, leisure, and travel).

Thu 6th Nov 2014

More Aussie women getting sporty

According to the findings from Roy Morgan Research, more Aussie women are participating in sports as diverse as cycling, swimming, yoga, jogging, aerobics and tennis than they were just a few years ago.

Thu 23rd Oct 2014