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Land use effects on bicycle ridership: a framework for state planning agencies

This paper proposes a series of empirical models to explore land use, built environment, demographic, socio-economic, and traffic condition connections to bicycle ridership, defined as the number of bicycle trips generated by a given analysis zone per day.

Wed 22nd Oct 2014

Performance measures for bicycle and pedestrian investments

This paper seeks to provide guidance on performance measures for biking and walking investments.  It was developed through interviews with state DOT, MPO, and city transportation staff along with advocates for biking and walking, researchers, and consultants.

Wed 10th Sep 2014

Allocation optimization of bicycle-sharing stations at scenic spots

This study proposes an optimisation model for the placement of bike share stations that aims to minimise the total cycling distance and overlapping rate.

Thu 21st Aug 2014

A discussion of cost–benefit analysis and the multiple streams framework

After a review of the existing literature, the study suggests the "multiple streams framework" as a suitable framework for understanding decision making with regard to non-motorized transportation policies, and provides a structure for future research

Fri 1st Aug 2014

Non-work travel characteristics in Calgary with a focus on trips made on foot and by bicycle

In this research, the characteristics of non-work travel were explored, with a focus on those trips made on foot and by bicycle, and implications to transportation and land use policy and practices are suggested.

Fri 1st Aug 2014

New Walking and Cycling Routes and Increased Physical Activity

This study evaluates the effects of providing new high-quality, traffic-free routes for walking and cycling on overall levels of walking, cycling, and physical activity.

Fri 1st Aug 2014

A Review and Meta-Analyses of the Potential Local Economic Impact of Tourism and Leisure Cycling

Through a systematic review and meta-analyses of worldwide evidence, this article provides estimates for spend per person per day of overnight (£43.33), non-overnight (£7.95), and all (£13.38) tourism and leisure cyclists. 

Thu 31st Jul 2014

Assessing Usage of Rural Cycle Ways: A Case Study of the Hauraki Cycle Trail

This research note discusses measurement issues involved in an assessment of economic impacts of a cycle trail based on counts of users with reference to the Hauraki Cycle Trail located in North Island, New Zealand.

Thu 31st Jul 2014

On the way to a multi-modal energy-efficient route

This paper presents a flexible and expandable routing framework capable of finding multi-modal and inter-modal energy-efficient routes incorporating, among others, transportation modes such as public transport, electric vehicles, car-sharing, bike-sharing and walking.

Tue 15th Jul 2014

How Communities are Paying for Innovative On-Street Bicycle Infrastructure

This report provides transportation officials and advocates examples of how protected bike lanes are being paid for in the United States, in order to give “permission by example” to other communities.

Wed 25th Jun 2014